Built a hammock stand for the summer time

It’s offically spring and we actually had some pleasant weather!

A hammock stand

Hand plane restoration (Stanley #3)

Last week I found a good craigslist deal.  A nice man was selling 3 handplanes, $25 for the set.  They had been in storage for a long time and were pretty filthy and rusty.  Of the 3 planes, two are stanley brand (good) and the third is some junky knockoff brand that looks like it’s pretty low quality.  Of the Stanley planes there’s a #3 size from the 1920’s and a #4 size from the 60’s or 70’s.  Today I soaked the #3 and the  junky off-brand ones in ‘evaporust’ to get rid of the rust and tarnish then spent a goodly portion of the evening cleaning, sanding and sharpening the #3.  It’s not done yet, the handles still need more sanding and refinishing and it could use more polish over all.  I guess you are also supposed to flatten the bottom which I may or may not get to at some point.

The first two pictures are before and the rest are taken after.

Stanley No. 3 restoration

Small table I made for Mom

I made this pine table for mom to go behind her couch against the wall.  It’s about 10″ wide, 4 feet long and 29″ tall.  The top is made out of a “project board” from Home Depot which turned out to be a mistake as I did not realize they made them out of such garbage wood.  There’s a knot hole that goes all the way through, one side had a huge pitch pocket that remains filled with pitch and there’s a big pale blotch on the top that the stain wouldn’t adhere to due to some weird pitch blob that wouldn’t come out with sanding or anything.  The rest of it is made from 1×6 select pine boards also from home depot which were a lot nicer to work with and I would have been much better off gluing a pair of those together for the table top too.  Oh well, hindsight and all that.

Unfortunately  (as seems to happen more now) I neglected to really take any pictures in progress except for a bunch of the top when I first put the stain on so I could ask mom if it was too purple-looking for her.  It looked really purple to me, more-so than in the photos when it was first done but I think the colour has settled a bit and I’m not so displeased with it as I was after first application.  The sides are made from 2 1×6’s glued together, the rails are made from cut down 1×6’s and the middle shelf is a 1×6 on top of a pair of boards glued together which were originally the same size as the top rails.

To hold it all together  I cut two through mortises in the middle of the end boards for the stretcher using just hammer and chisel; while, at the top I cut a couple of notches in the ends as well as into the apron boards  to create what I suppose is called a cross lap joint.  I was concerned that the stretcher would look too bulky so I added a cut out curve across the bottom.

For the ends I didn’t want to go with boring straight legs.  I had a lot of thoughts initially about how I wanted to make the legs and I couldn’t decide between thin spindly type legs, chunky legs or something like the ones for the cedar plant tables I made.  I ended up just gluing up the two boards together edge to edge then slimming it down by cutting angles in so at the narrowest point it was only as wide as the mid-shelf.  Then I just cut some 45 degree notches out of the bottom to reduce a bit more of the bulk.  Originally I had also planned to hollow some wood out of the middle of the top between the shelf and the table top but in the end didn’t bother as it looked ok as it was.

Check the end of the gallery for my original plans!

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