Made a mixing spoon for grandma’s birthday

I used a piece of left over wood from the bottle opener blanks and carved it down to size.  So much sanding!

A spoon for Grandma

Built a hammock stand for the summer time

It’s offically spring and we actually had some pleasant weather!

A hammock stand

Hand plane restoration (Stanley #3)

Last week I found a good craigslist deal.  A nice man was selling 3 handplanes, $25 for the set.  They had been in storage for a long time and were pretty filthy and rusty.  Of the 3 planes, two are stanley brand (good) and the third is some junky knockoff brand that looks like it’s pretty low quality.  Of the Stanley planes there’s a #3 size from the 1920’s and a #4 size from the 60’s or 70’s.  Today I soaked the #3 and the  junky off-brand ones in ‘evaporust’ to get rid of the rust and tarnish then spent a goodly portion of the evening cleaning, sanding and sharpening the #3.  It’s not done yet, the handles still need more sanding and refinishing and it could use more polish over all.  I guess you are also supposed to flatten the bottom which I may or may not get to at some point.

The first two pictures are before and the rest are taken after.

Stanley No. 3 restoration